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Just the rant of a crazy woman, well barely crazy

on December 15, 2013

My last long blog for Facebook this month. I tried to link it, but FB was acting up. Just some FYI for ladies out there-as well as anyone who has read my bitch post about this insane insomnia I have been suffering with, along with the resurfacing of my ADD that I totally felt had left me about the age of 24-the un-explainable itchy skin that drives me so nuts at odd times that I am sure I look like a nut clawing at my bra strap, neck and the back of my knees..not to mention the awful joint pain that got out of hand a few months ago and the “frozen” shoulder that it left me with (I still can’t use my right arm to put on a jacket, lift or raise over my head) the pain from my shoulder is so bad at night that it is what triggered this last bout of insomnia hell.Image

Well….when all that blood work was back and then shared with my regular doctor, I was ready to knock the Hades out of the “male” nurse who said “we think all of it is menopausal related”

Really…I get the hot flashes, night sweats, weight up and down, racing heart, adrenalin surge and the need to bust out like the Hulk or knock someones teeth down their throat or even flipping off the poor man who took the gas pump I was pulling up too and screaming at him the entire time I pumped my gas two pumps over…. “could Maybe” be associated with menopause, but my shoulder pain? My insanely itching skin? My inability to remember my kids names??

I disregarded it as another excuse of a bad doctor blaming menopause on something he doesn’t know the answer too and I had an orthopedic appointment set up for the week after Christmas.

But after an insane amount of hot flashes this week, no sleep and my come apart on the people at Sears (who I am still not done with) I decided to sit down and Google the other stuff…..

OMG. If Google says it, it must be true and right now I take Google over a freaken man doctor blaming menopause. I am in shock..I Cant count the sites where women describe the exact pain I am in with my shoulder and joints and the insomnia that follows it.

The med link said
“About 70 percent of those affected with frozen shoulder are women. These statistics suggest a correlation between frozen shoulder and a hormonal shift that occurs in the early or mid-stages of menopause. Joint pain is one of the most common symptoms of menopause. It is thought that more than half of all postmenopausal women experience varying degrees of joint pain. Estrogen helps prevent inflammation in the joints, so low levels of estrogen during menopause can lead to increased instances of inflammation, and therefore increased joint pain

I went on to read that in Japan women hardly if EVER suffer from the same issues as women in western countries while going through the change of life, such as the mood issues and hot flashes, but the frozen shoulder is so common there-that it is called “menopause shoulder” by translation because so many women have it during the change of life. It went on to say that “Japan’s cultural respect for older people makes the menopausal transition more comfortable for women; the menopausal woman, then, is moving into a place of honor and not treated the way they are normally treated in western cultures either.

Then the crazy allergic relations I developed to God only knows what all this year, from jalapeno to maybe certain imported shell-fish to nuts…well it seems that to is menopause…

Mayo clinic said “Hormones and the immune system are inextricably linked, so hormonal changes during menopause can lead to an increase in allergies among menopausal women. Many women experience increased sensitivity to allergies, while others may suddenly become allergic to something that never bothered them before.”

If that wasn’t enough, how about this one…Itchy, Crawly Skin!! I honestly almost stripped my shirt off at a red light in order to scratch what felt like my skin was crawling. It happens day and night, usually signals a bad night of hot flashes…and I guess it was related because the med link said…..”menopausal women experience the feeling of “creepy-crawlies” walking all over their skin, a burning sensation like an insect sting, or super-sensitivity in their hands, arms, legs, and feet. in menopausal women, tingling extremities is likely caused by the effect that low estrogen levels have on the central nervous system.”

I think the one I laughed the hardest at while crying over the other ones (honestly, I was weeping before laughing like a lunatic…) was this one…..

“Why Western Men should learn to fear menopause.”

The symptom….Women detesting their husbands!…LAUGHING so hard, and why does this make the menopause symptom list…because according to the doctor on the site, the very moment we can no longer have children, or the ovaries began to shut down, it’s just like my great-aunt said to me years ago… our mothering – and thus to a large degree even our wifely instincts are chemically turned off. If your husband treats you like your his mama, and your mama instincts are turning off as God planned it around the time your kids should be almost grown and not needing that mama bear care…but your husband still does….well, then the husband don’t stand a chance…

I laughed because it was listed as a symptom on NUMEROUS websites…one even explained it as “The estrogen levels have plummeted and as they fall, so does the oxytocin. Once they disappear, we’re no longer going to be ready to respond to anyone’s beck and call.

The doctor describes the menopause as the point when “the mommy brain is beginning to unplug. it is hormones developed in pregnancy such as oxytocin, which help us feel such passionate love for our offspring, equally it’s the lack
of hormones after the menopause that make us less fond of a partner who fails to pull his weight or expects his wife to mother him. It even blamed the MANS midlife and attraction to the younger woman as not so much her age as the fact that a 30-year-old is still in the midst of her “nurturing and child-bearing years” and WILL mother him where his post menopausal wife WONT.
I laughed even harder…..because it does make sense and because only a man would put him self in the position to “jump” out of one crazy train with a wife in menopause only to get hit by the 2nd one in a few years with another woman…you cant out run this crazy hell!

So I get to have a frozen shoulder, itchy crawly skin, no sleep, joint aches, hot flashes, night sweats, allergies that make my face and mouth swell up like a balloon, mood swings and ADD memory issues, loosing my cell phone while its attached to my ear, not to mention loosing my car now in parking lots more than I use to lose my car keys….hormones or not, if a man wants a mama and I am dealing with all this….that last symptom of “detesting your husband” will surface with the best of us.
If I can go from disappointment to tears to anger to rage to “THERE AINT nobody home” in less than 90 seconds, then NO woman is capable of the infant care of a spouse…I mean even I know that Menopause has been used as a mitigating factor in legal defense cases, resulting in a reduced sentence for the woman.
Makes that whole website about the Asian women having little issues due to her place and treatment of honor sound pretty good don’t it?
Seems like the Japanese could teach some american men about how to survive menopause don’t it?


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