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Obama’s smoke offering to the Nation.

on January 7, 2013

smokingThere is something that has been on my mind since Christmas day. It was raining here in Ga, a good soaking cold rain, that made it feel a little more like Christmas since we had record high temperatures here all winter and the week of Christmas it was almost 70 degrees. Late that evening I realized that I had slowed down on some of my Coupon Mom shopping and we were dangerously close to running out of toilet paper. So I volunteered to be the one to drive around and try to find an open store on Christmas. I was pleasantly surprised to see that just about everything in our little town was closed up tight and Temple resembled a ghost town of sorts. It’s good to see that some still think celebrating the birth of our Lord is more important than a few bucks. I was already turning around and headed back to the house, when I realized the “Swifty One Stop” convenience store has its red neon light turned on. A part of me wanted to fuss for the poor people having to work on Christmas, the other part of me wanted to be thankful for the Christmas miracle of having a place to buy some much-needed TP for a family of six who had spent all day eating the rich foods of Christmas dinners like a never-ending buffet. So with mixed feelings I pulled in the deserted parking lot and parked right up in front of the door, it was then that through the window I saw the familiar face of a sweet lady wearing a santa hat  while working her Christmas shift. I had not seen her in years, or even thought much about her or the other few ladies I use to see every day, sometimes twice a day for too many years to count. My visits to the store always depended on how stressed out I was.

This rainy CHristmas night; I didn’t have an umbrella and I was not looking forward to getting soaking wet, so I jumped out of my car running toward the door. Once inside, the familiar smells of fresh brewed coffee, an old heating system and the lingering scent of fresh-baked bread from a subway shop next door assaulted my senses. I know I stood just inside the doorway like an idiot for a moment too long, but the thought occurred to me that I had not been inside this convenience store, or really any other quick stop store in five years!  You see,  five years ago I did something I never thought I would be able to do…I quit smoking!

Swifty was where I ran out at midnight to buy a pack of Virginia Slim’s when my pack was empty and wasnt ready for bed. Swifty was where I stopped in during the mornings and purchased a pack for the day and maybe poured a cup of coffee and spoke to the ladies working their shifts. Many late nights I would be engrossed in getting something done while the kids were asleep and chain-smoking all the while. If I ran out, a quick run to the Swifty was always the answer and many times I would run into one or two of the old-time local boys who worked at the PD doing night patrol and made a stop at the Swifty for gas and coffee too. I can’t count the times I bought a pack, opened them up, poured a cup of coffee and fired up that cigarette right there at the door to the store while catching up with them before heading back home.

I shook my head and came back from my walk down memory lane, picked up an overpriced cheap roll of toilet paper and went to the register. The lady working was one of the same ladies I use to see every day for more years than I can count, yet I couldn’t; for the life of me remember her name. She made a comment about how long it had been since I had been in the store, I pointed at the cigarettes still behind the counter and said, “Well, I don’t smoke anymore”  The problem is, my eyes almost bugged out when I saw the price under the pack of cigarettes I was pointing at. When I quit smoking in November 2007 the price for my brand was 4.05 cents. They had been 3.50 for awhile, so I had changed to a cheaper brand at 2.99 and hated them. When my brand hit the 4.00 mark that was my last pack. The receipt actually came from the Swifty store, I came home, placed a magnet over the receipt to hold it to my refrigerator and told myself that was the LAST pack I would ever buy. FOUR DOLLARS was robbery. That receipt stayed on my fridge for 4 years until the ink faded so badly you could barely see the price I had paid for that “last” pack.  So imagine my shock when the price tag on those same cigarettes on Christmas 2012 was almost 7 dollars!!

I left Thanking GOD that Christmas night in the rain driving home that I didn’t need to spend 7 dollars to smoke any longer, while wondering who in the hell in this economy could afford to smoke any longer? Even the cheap 2.99 brand that I had tried to switch to five years ago, was now a whopping 5 bucks a pack!  I came in the door telling my husband how glad he should be that I saved him all that money by kicking the habit.

Later than night a picture of Obama came on one of the news channels, he had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, puffing away on the thing like his life depended on it for his oxygen supply. Being the half crazy person I am, the first thing I did was run grab my iPhone and google the cost of cigarettes in DC. The cheap brands start at 8.00 a pack!

So you mean my tax dollars are keeping that idiot in free cigarettes? You know he aint walking into a  store and saying ‘gimme a pack of Marlboro light 100s please” and I sure don’t see him handing a secret service officer a “20 dollar bill” out of his own wallet and sending him inside to buy them. I bet they just show up on the table in the oval office, like his coffee and donuts–only instead of the newspaper, he gets a carton of cigarettes with his coffee. You can check those prices at this site

Now if you really want to laugh at the idiot, Under his new OBAMA CARE if you are a smoker like him, and paying 7 bucks for a pack hits your wallet a little more than it does his, well get ready for this. IF YOU SMOKE…Obama care had a provision that would have allowed insurers in the small group market to charge smokers up to 50 percent more than nonsmoker for the same insurance. FIFTY PERCENT MORE!

Well, he got a little nervous over that one, so what is an hypocritical dictator to do??? Well he just tweaked the new law in Obama care to order someone to do something he doesn’t have the right to make them do, or make them pay out the azz if they don’t… Under the proposed regulation, employees who use tobacco can avoid paying those higher premiums but only if they participate in a program to quit smoking!  So you enter the program to waive the huge smokers penalty on your mandated insurance, and quit. (Better for your health, cheaper for his Obama plan to take care of you) Or you keep smoking and pay rates higher to buy a pack of cigarettes than a nickel bag of weed and then pay the insurance companies rates 50% higher than non smokers until your too broke to smoke. All the while, our president–umm I mean Dictator, well he gets to smoke for free.

Lets see, the job loss, horrible economy, stress to just live and eat now days is really a good environment to produce an atmosphere where millions of Americans are going to have to jump off nicotine. He knows how hard it is to quit, I wonder if this is why he is on the band wagon to take Americans guns away, he does not want a bunch of crazies going through a nicotine fit to have access to a gun!! LOL.

Now do you really think this man will be “On Obama Care” insurance plan for himself and family? Jim Jones was more real in his delusions than this man…at least he drank his own Kool-aid with the rest of the nuts that followed him over to Jonestown. Obama is going to make it up for you, force feed those who don’t drink it willingly, but baby..I promise, he aint drinking it.

Welcome to the new world order. Starting soon this law says that  insurers will no longer be allowed to refuse coverage to the sick. That sounds like such an amazing thing does it not? If someone is sick and they need insurance to help them pay…they have a right to get it. Now comes the bleeding liberal Obama part. If they are sick..they cant pay for who is going to pay for it…well the cost of insuring the sick who had no insurance prior to getting sick will be paid out of the insurance fees from, healthy consumers, which is why the law requires everyone to buy insurance or pay a penalty. YOU WILL PAY FOR OTHERS CARE OR BE FINED.

If your single, you get to stay on Medicaid if you make 16,000 or under ( so all you college kids who are working your way through school doing good to make 10,000 a year..go get your Medicaid–I  will gladly pay that fee over the others making under 16,000 which is based on income from how many “baby daddy’s” they got or TANIF or AFDC checks and other govt grants to live for free. If you make more than that, you get to shop for subsidised rates. So keep yourself under the govt target level and someone else is gonna pay for you if your sick, pay to keep you covered and out of work and no need to go looking for work. And because the states are dragging their feet over setting up the exchanges as they are called for you to buy this insurance by the end of the year, the federal government will take over and have even more control than Obama care originally allowed the federal branch to have.

But before anyone rants over my post about the poor sick people without insurance, Obama care is going to flat-out kill them. NOT help them in any way. This is now a law, a law in which many of the details were not revealed UNTIL after his re-election in 2012. Now we know the dirty little secret of Obama care. Here it goes. The Employers have the right to stop offering insurance to any employee, that leaves the working class to the mercy of the exchanges controlled by the federal govt to insure you and your family. AND anyone who ends up having to purchase from the “exchange” or be fined each month helps bring about this next event, “The insurance lobby says that the law’s strict requirements will raise prices — for example, a limit on fees for the old will drive up fees for the young. How expensive will insurance become?” This is the question asked on the Year Long Road to Obama care.  But..what if the young, like my two kids in their 20s decide its cheaper to pay the penalty and be uninsured, will that not raise prices for every one else?

The worst to be hurt by Obama Care are the really old and the truly poor and they were the ones the Obama fiasco said were  the patients the law is supposed to benefit. Those with incomes below 100 percent of the poverty line will not qualify for subsidies on the exchanges. If states do not expand Medicaid, 11.5 million poor adults will be left without insurance.–while our president who is the brain child behind Obama Care continues to smoke cigarettes that cost 8 bucks a pack, his cigarettes a day are more than most poor folks medication cost them for the month.

Who has to worry about body guards and secret service agents? He causes more danger to his own life every time he fires one cancer stick  up…Smoke away..Maybe Obama care will go up in smoke with his lungs. Cant you see him in a few years out doing the talk show celebrity circuit bragging about his health care reform while pulling an oxygen tank behind him and talking into the microphone while pressing on the electric voice box in his throat from a trach?

Really Man, if you’re gonna force the free nation back on to a plantation that Uncle Sam controls,  do you really have to smoke the tobacco your making us pay for in front of us? Well, I guess we should be glad he hasn’t made us start back to picking the tobacco….YET.


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