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The Death of America or the call to Revival?

on November 7, 2012

I watched the election results come in on November 6, 2012 in stunned disbelief, much like I watched the airplanes crash into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9/11.  I felt the same sense of loss and I honestly couldn’t comprehend it. How could my heart carry such a heavy weight over the outcome of a presidential election? How could I sit there and feel so sick to my stomach over an election with a four year term limit set in place by our founding fathers for our protection?  I truly felt like the lowest person in the world last night as I beat myself up for even silently and mentally comparing my disgust, despair, fear and anger as I watched Obama win a 2nd term with the emotions I felt years ago on 9/11. I wondered what in the world was wrong with me that I could associate my stomach turning as Obama gave his acceptance speech with watching Americans die trapped inside the tallest buildings in New York while a plane used as a weapon by Al-Qaeda was planted in the side of the Twin Towers, as the planes fuel seared and weakened something as strong as the time-tested,old-fashioned American Steel that held the buildings up.

I heard the news commentators on each channel blame the women in America for the turn out in support of Obama on election day, claiming it as a show of support for their right to their own bodies. I saw all the red on the map of this country and the dots of blue in heavy hitting states such as California, Ohio, and Florida the entire time thinking to myself that America didn’t elect this man, selfish women in certain states re-elected this man. I listened as one of those women gave shouts of victory that her right to an abortion was protected. At once, all my confusion and all my agony over the gut wrenching despair in my heart all night long made perfect sense. At five am this morning, the only thought I could hear in my mind were these words


I could not even remember where in the Bible I had read these words, but I looked it up, and soon found Matthew 2:18 speaking to me as never before. The guilt I had over comparing my feelings to 9/11 fled. I was morning death just as I mourned for the people trapped in those buildings unable to escape.  On 9/11 the symbol of freedom and liberty etched into our minds, we cried as the smoke rose high in the air from the collapse of the buildings, while a split screen showed the statue of liberty not far away as her blessed homeland was under attack on home soil. We remembered and took pride for a moment in the statue of a woman holding a torch to guide those safely into the harbor who were ready to be re-born in a country where they were free to worship God, and reside in a land where our motto was simply life, liberty and justice for all.

The statue of liberty is a woman because the female gender represented the basic nature of life. While God created man first and then woman, all men have come from a woman since then; she represents the continuation of LIFE.

The statue represented the liberty a mother gives to her child as she teaches that baby to walk and then steps back as he takes off alone. There is nothing you do today that you were born being able to do for yourself. We all came into the world tiny, helpless and screaming in fear as we were snatched from the warm, safe harbor of our mother’s womb;  but at your mother’s breast you were fed, at her knee you were taught, in her arms you were consoled—a good mother gifted her children with the skills to be independent and free. Unknowing to most, a woman gave you the mysterious sense of a right to LIBERTY.

Finally, it was a female in your life who first showed you any justice. If you think back to the days of childhood, the safest place in the world was the safety of your mother’s arms, or the arms of a female who took on that role for you. When you think of her arms, you recall the welcoming feeling of coming home, the protection of a lioness if someone threatened her cub, and knowing you had at least one person who would stand with you and defend you while teaching the concept of right and wrong-a person who measured out justice fairly each day in her home.  A female represented all that was stable and secure, with an ability to love deeply and fiercely, while also symbolically teaching us to inherently know that we deserved LIFE, LIBERTY and JUSTICE and so did others who were not fortunate enough to have been born into the arms of a country that protected it.

I watched the polls come in, heard the cry of victory from the American women who celebrated their success in re-electing a leader who DID NOT expect her to protect her young as a lioness protects her cubs, but elected a leader who promised to protect her right to kill that child should she decide she didn’t want it. The women in America today who call themselves anything from liberal, feminist, to average undecided voters who were just protecting their rights to their own bodies celebrated the victory and their new-found power. Their unprecedented vote of almost 60% was based on abortion, contraceptives and health-care their voice gave Obama the name on the front page of the New York Times this morning. The caption reads BAM. THE LADIES MAN: with the picture of females in a crowd almost swooning as he gave his acceptance speech.

While watching 9/11 I cried as our country was attacked on home soil by our own planes that were turned and used against us. Last night I cried as our country was attacked by our own citizens, the mothers of our nation whom I always thought would protect us, were used against us when over half of the female voters turned on her own children and the children of others and those of generations to come in order to fulfill selfish desires.

On 9/11 I sat in shock as the unthinkable occurred and our liberty was rocked as never before, by a group of terrorist who sought to force their Islamic ideals on Americans with a selfish desire to justify the death of those killed by claiming it was pleasing to their GOD and in doing so, they succeeded in changing the way we live forever.  When the smoke cleared on 9/11: gone was our idyllic existence. We feel the effects everywhere, from security measures as we board a plane to the Patriot act limiting our freedoms; we watched helplessly as our way of life was forever changed.  Last night I sat in shock as the unthinkable occurred and the liberty of the rest of this country was decided by those seeking to force their self-centered, egotistical desires to justify the death of the innocent lives they wish to take in the name of a “basic right” to their own bodies. Gone was my idyllic existence where I truly believed that no matter what happened in the world as a whole, that the good mothers outweighed the bad, that a woman would always rise up and protect others over protecting herself when push came to shove and not just because it was expected of us, but somehow a part of WHO a woman is.

Last night I watched helplessly as the choice over a woman’s right to think only of herself changed the way the rest of the nation will live forever.

On 9/11 I cried for justice-for retribution to be dealt out swiftly to those who were responsible for the gut-wrenching terror of those jumping from the tallest floors of the twin towers while the nation watched on the news in stunned disbelief from the safety of their home or from the streets below ground zero in New York. The desire for justice ate at me back then as I watched those trying to rescue the ones helpless inside the blazing building be killed along with the rest, their bodies trapped in the heap of rubble when the towers fell.  I felt the same need for justice when the aftermath hit, and the first responders who survived the ordeal, became sick with cancers and health issues from the very air they breathed while attempting to help.

I found myself crying for that same justice last night, for a reckoning to come to those women responsible for the death of our children, for those innocent babies trapped inside the womb of a woman who wants the right to abort the child, more than she wishes to give it life; while those struggling with infertility issues cry tears into their pillow each night with the need to love a child. I thought of the broken lives left years after the act of abortion, the bodies of the innocent in the rubble and the hatred and attacks directed at the “first responders” who attempt to hold true to their faith and belief in God within a country that was supposed to protect that basic right. Our country was sacrificed to a socialist leader by the very women who don’t really want to protect their rights to abortion, they secured that right years ago. They now want that government and the Godly people within this country to now to pay for their right to kill through government health insurance and tax dollars. I cried for the innocent young women, teen moms and low-income families who believe the lie that abortion is the only way and the easiest way; their scars will be jagged and deep-and regardless of the lies women tell each other, the scars–they never completely heal.

The statue of Liberty still represents the female image it was carved into. The image of a female holding a torch that still stands for the motto: LIFE, LIBERTY AND JUSTICE—only now, the image of a woman stands for the right to take that LIFE without question or repercussion, the LIBERTY or freedom to choose which created soul within your womb you decide to keep and which color of that child’s skin makes his life of more value than another; as well as the JUSTICE or at least feeling justified to vote in leaders who pay for your mistakes, by way of planned parenthood, Obama-care,and the required distribution of birth control to young girls through their school or church.

I felt the same emotions coursing through me last night because it WAS the same emotion I was feeling: bereavement.  On 9/11 I mourned the death of our innocence as we were deceived by the very ones our country gives safe harbor too-immigrants from another country who were here on Visa, being protected in our country while we paid to educate them on how to fly a plane. They took what we gave and attempted to use it to destroy our way of life. On 11/6/2012 I mourned the death of our country and the ultimate betrayal that the United States of America and those living within this country were handed over to the enemy by the very ones believed to protect us above all else; those with the power to give birth to us; those that in a few years some child they decide to keep with call Mother. They voted in a leader based on his agreement to respect, protect, and pay for the right of a woman to not give birth to a child conceived inside her.

Melodramatic? I don’t think so.

Is it racist propaganda because of the color of Obama’s skin? Not in the least.

The majority of all Planned Parenthood clinics are located in low-income, minority neighborhoods. The locations are so disproportionately located within these areas that it is estimated that a black baby is 3 to 4 times more likely to be aborted than a white baby. Since 1973 and the onslaught of these government-funded Planned Parenthood clinics, the black population has been reduced by at least 25%, possibly higher.  One commentator stated a while back that every 3 days more African-Americans are killed by abortion than were ever killed by the KKK or other hate groups. 80% of all the Planned Parenthood clinics are located in minority neighborhoods. Only 13% of American women are black, but those mothers make up almost 40% of the abortion rate. This is not a new argument. Follow this link if you have time, the mother of birth control in a rare interview in the 1950’s. She uses the word Birth Control which at that time was abortion, the back door clinics that she helped to promote with her skills as a nurse and her reasons for doing so-from her blaming of the Church, Christianity, her views back then on homosexuals and being born as such. It’s educational if nothing else. She even gets down to people having a problem using their tax dollars to pay for the birth control or abortions and why the government should have to pay for such, as well as described her views on how the government should dictate to the church how they should feel on the subject. Watch to the end-listen to her views on infidelity, divorce, the greatest sin being the birth of a child a mother does not want, and her acceptance of divorce. The year was 1957-the views of this woman in 2012 are not only accepted, but fulfilled in ways she could have never imagined. A female– a mother– a woman scorned by the media and most of the world only 50 years ago is now the Mother of the movement which put in office a president who protected her views in the year 2012.

If aborting the number of black babies in America was not enough, check out this link regarding planned parenthood in Africa where they plan to up abortion services in that country by 82%.


We live in a country where genocide is accepted; taxpayers and churches are forced by the government to cover the cost of it; the mothers fail to protect their children and fathers fail to stand up and be the leaders they are required to be. The new America we have entered into has a new definition of Life, Liberty and Justice. For those of us who disagree; our hope is to hang on to our values. To pray and to continue to stand for what is truth in the shadow of the lies. Mothers raise your children in the way they should go, and when they are old they will not depart from it. The other 40% of women voters who cast their votes yesterday for what was best for this country—our power is within our homes, with our children and our families, as well as communities. Shine your light and hold your torch that leads the way and is a beacon for the blind, lost, and deceived. Be the unfailing statue of Liberty within the lives of those around you. Don’t think evil conquers good or that wrong always wins.  Four years from now, regardless of the state this country is in—the blood of Rachel’s children will not be on your hands. When the verse of Isaiah 59:3 is read—you will know your heart is clean. The word was spoken years ago

“For your hands are defiled with blood and your fingers with iniquity; Your lips have spoken falsehood, Your tongue mutters wickedness…”

What we are experiencing is not new to God; it’s heartbreaking I am sure, but not a surprise or unforeseen. Remember the words of Isaiah 1:21 “See how the faithful city has become a harlot! She once was full of justice; righteousness used to dwell in her–but now murderers.”

But remember God used the hardest and most evil of times to draw his people to him in ways that were miraculous. Those who waited and stood firm in his ways witnessed things that the mind can’t explain and experienced God in a personal way as never before. We who know better need to remember verses such as Psalm 118:8 “It is better to trust and take refuge in the Lord than to put confidence in man.”

Consider this next four years a call to revival for those of us heartbroken over the state of our country. Four years to draw closer to the leader we follow who is the ruler of the entire world-The Lord Jesus Christ.

I can be sarcastic, cutting and even shocking with my words—but the only peace that comes from disappointment and despair is found in words full of love, peace and promise. It’s the balm of Gilead people—lets apply it to heal our wounds instead of licking them.


2 responses to “The Death of America or the call to Revival?

  1. I get it. Abortion upsets you. But I didn’t read anything here about how we can permanently reduce the need for any woman to ever have one – sex education, and safe, cheap, easy access to contraceptives. Every other nation that provides these things to men and women better and younger than we do, also has a significantly lower rate of abortions than ours. How about making abortion unnecessary through better health care and the dissemination of scientific fact?

    • pennyransom says:

      In Germany you can be in the train station waiting on the train, the vending machine in the waiting area has candy bars, capri suns, gum and the middle of these items you can also from this vending machine purchase a condom for something like 4 Euros–beside that is a pregnancy test you can purchase for maybe 8 Euro–so spend four bucks or spend 8…point is I agree with the easy access to contraceptives as long as the person needing it is the one PAYING for it..if you cant afford to keep from getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant–then you really need to abstain. As for better education I also agree–but in that education needs to be the message that health issues such as AIDS and Sexually transmitted diseases are much easier to prevent if the MAN has access and will use the protection. The reason so many women (almost 60%) showed up to vote for the worst leader we had in our history is because so much of the responsibility of dealing with unwanted pregnancies, std’s and other issues have been left for them to handle alone..women are ruling this country from the churches, schools, elections and so on because when men dropped the ball, women took over and really…no one gender should be having to juggle it all. Imagine a woman actually “wanting” a man to take charge and take care of things…the message today is that anything a man can do, a woman can do better and if they dont like the job a man is doing, they can replace them and do it better…so the double edged sword comes in to play where many men feel intimidated and less than capable around such strong minded females who want their way or the hi-way.. So one way to permanently reduce the need for a woman to have the feeling of needing an abortion is for affordable access to preventive birth control–not morning after pills-not planned parenthood clinics that prey on the overwhelming emotions of those in poverty and on govt assistance. As for better health care–most of those aborting babies are on medicare-or using planned parenthood clinics to use govt funds to pay for the procedure. Better healthcare has little to do with an abortion rate-just how well that abortion is performed (a back ally clinic or a medical facility) Better education works, but in public schools the idea of getting a better education regarding anything from sex to history is unlikely, especially in lower income communities where most schools cant make Adequate Yearly Progress or have low graduation rates. A woman’s right to choose is in place, has been since the early 70’s. The tax payer having to personally PAY for that abortion or institutions such as churches and private business having to pay for those abortions is what will change and that violates the rights of all opposed to such. In European countries where the govt has the same law in place, and have been paying for abortions since the late 80’s or even early 90’s still have a rate SO much lower than ours now because there are so FEW doctors that will perform it and little info to those who need it on how to find a doctor that does. In America that wont be an issue so even with everything in place like it is in other countries, our rate will not ever be lower than theirs.

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