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Democrats Gone Wild!

on October 5, 2012

I made it almost 20 hours after the first presidential debate to write this blog. I figured at this point anything that needed to be said would have been said between all the other bloggers, the facebook post, every newspaper in the nation having the debate as their front page news; not to mention all the media and television coverage which spent all day dissecting each statement while reporting on the views of each side. However; I was wrong. Not one station or blogger or newspaper that I can find has even mentioned the part of the debate last night that I find the most disturbing. I will get to that in a minute though. First I need to share what I found the most humorous. You know those crazy infomercials that show all the college girls raising their shirts up to give the camera a free show? We have this young lady who lives in my state who is now suing the producers of girls gone wild for using her ta’tas in their video. First of all she was asked to flash the camera…she did. She was on spring break in Fla. and obviously unsupervised while being only 14 at the time. Her “flash moment” ended up in the videos and on the cover-She is in her 20’s now and suing the producers for as much money as she can get. I hope she wins, but in GA there are no laws in place regarding a 14-year-old girls right to consent to being videotaped, and then distributed for commercial purposes. Its wrong, anyone with a half a brain knows it wrong….but well, the law isn’t clear on it.

Crazy as it sounds,  all I could think about as I watched this news story was how much it reminded me of the democratic party and the way they take advantage of the foolish for private gain.  First of all let me say the exploiting of a 14-year-old girl is dead wrong and is not what I found humorous but it’s also wrong to exploit the poor, the needy, the elderly and the minorities–yet the democratic party uses such tactics and there are no laws against it. Your only protection is COMMON SENSE.

The girl was asked to raise her shirt, being young and dumb she did it-never dreaming how badly she would be exploited, harassed or forced to live under the shadow of that mistake. The Democratic party asks those down trodden if they need help; kind of like those sweet folks at Acorn who filled out the tax returns for the poor; only to abuse and hold down the ones naive enough to accept the offer of government help.(they were going to allow a person pretending to be a pimp use his prostitution business as a tax write off remember?)

I had this image in my mind of Nancy Pelosi flashing her breast at Harry Reed while Obama put in his order for the video version of Democrats Gone Wild, to watch later with Bill Clinton while having a few beers and “reminiscing” in the oval office about a young intern and the need to clean a dress…..

The Democratic Party has gone wild.  They are capable of anything but admitting the truth. I actually laughed so hard today that I almost choked to death when I heard a group of minority democrats explain their take on the Debate. They said Obama must have a plan. He was acting that way on purpose because he was up to something big that we all don’t know about yet. These folks went on to say that absolutely nothing about the debate last night even mattered. All that mattered was the last debate, because “people” only remember the last thing they hear anyway. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

The Democratic Party use to be for the working man. If you were a blue-collar worker who lived pay check to pay check and fed your family while being too proud to take a handout then you might have been a democrat. If you were UNION proud and fought the battle to have fair and humane treatment inside your factory or while doing your trade–then you might have been a democrat. If you were a man or woman who had been held down or kept out of a job based on race or gender—then you might have been a democrat. If you loved your country, took pride in your right and ability to take care of yourself and the freedom to grab the American dream–then you might have been a democrat. For most of us, the word DEMOCRAT meant we worked for a living and wanted people representing us that understood how hard we worked and worked for us to keep the government out of our pocket and to protect what we had worked hard for.

Fast forward….In today’s world of politics it looks more like this.  If you lie and cheat on your spouse, (Clinton) you might be a democrat. If you have no problem with the use of abortion as birth control or handing out the morning after pill at school to 13-year-old girls, then you might be a democrat. If you believe that prayer in school is wrong in America, but consider it justified for Muslims to be offended on behalf of their god and storm a US Embassy in Libya and murder innocent people over their religion–then you just might be a democrat. If you’re fine with working hard every day and paying a high tax rate from your pay check  to feed, house and care for those who will not work then chances are you’re a democrat.

If your one of those people who think BIG government is needed and it’s the job of that government to care for you and every other American citizen, if you think the government  knows more than you do, can make better choices for you regarding your health, marriage, family and freedoms. or have decided it’s alright that those in office do not have to follow the same rules as you do, because they are “elected” and therefore exempt to the laws of our country or paying their share of  taxes, or if you believe it’s the governments job to provide you with necessities such as food and housing….then you’re NOT a Democrat–YOUR one of those Democrats Gone Wild, better known by Obama’nites as FORWARD thinkers–I will just go ahead and throw the real word out there…It’s called a SOCIALIST!


Now, this brings me to what bothered me the most about the Debate last night and what I cannot find anyone talking about. NOT ONE NEWS AGENCY has stated the obvious fact that Obama is NOT a democrat? It’s no secret that we all listened to Obama stutter, stumble and fumble his way through the entire debate. The thing is this; he didn’t do it because he is stupid or because he didn’t know the answers. He just couldn’t say HIS ANSWERS out loud. Go back and watch the debate and pay attention to the ONE part where he answers from the hip and responds fluently and eloquently. The debate was hard for him because of one simple fact–Obama is not a Democrat. He is a Marxist with a socialist agenda who used the Democratic Party to push his ideals and accomplish his goals. however the Democratic Party has used him as well, they considered him an “empty suit” and mistakenly thought that because their party nominated the first black president; he would be their “yes boy” and fulfill their agenda. This was never more evident than it was last night during the debate.

Obama couldn’t answer Romney with his own answers it would have revealed his Forward Socialist Plan for the country and sent voters screaming for the hills. He couldn’t answer for the Democratic Party because he doesn’t know or even agree with their stand. That left him with two words to use over and over– UH, UH,–as well as frustrated facial expressions. Did anyone else notice how relaxed he was on David Letterman, but a complete train wreck during a political debate?

Did anyone else notice that ONE part of the debate where Obama came on the strongest and most confident? He found his only balance when he stopped pretending to be a Democrat and let his full on Marxist Socialist ideals come through. Go back and watch or read the transcripts of the debate where Obama tried to slam Romney’s plan to put Medicare back on the states.

Obama said and I quote.  “Governor Romney talked about Medicaid and how we could send it back to the states——And that is not a right strategy for us to move forward.”

Romney counters with these words. “One of the magnificent things about this country is the whole idea that states are the laboratories of democracy. Don’t have the federal government tell everybody what kind of training programs they must have and what kind of Medicaid they must have. Let states do this.”

Obama’s reply concerning Medicare and Social Security were his strongest words of the night, without stuttering even once, he launched into his own FORWARD socialist views, and even used his family as an example. It was an eye opener of epic proportions when he began to talk about the life of his own sweet grandmother.

He said “She worked her way up, only had a high school education, started as a secretary, ended up being the vice president of a local bank. And she ended up living alone by choice. And the reason she could be INDEPENDENT was because of Social Security and Medicare. She had worked all her life, put in this money and understood that there was a basic guarantee, A FLOOR under which she could not go. And that’s the perspective I bring when I think about what’s called ENTITLEMENTS. You know, the name itself implies some sense of DEPENDENCY on the part of these folks. These are folks who’ve worked hard, like my grandmother. And there are millions of people out there who are counting on this.”

My mouth hit the floor as he let those words fly and no one seemed taken aback that our president basically stated  his entire socialist views in reference to his own grandmother. He told America last night that a FEMALE, with only a high school education was able to work her way up through the glass ceiling of the corporate world, went from a secretary to the vice president of a BANK; and yet she gained her Independence in her golden years BECAUSE OF the government programs which were her “floor” under which she could not go through.

He did not say it was her education in which she gained security, or her work ethic, or even her retirement plan she paid into while working hard every day as a female Vice President of a bank that allowed her to live comfortably as a senior citizen. He didn’t tell us it was because she sacrificed and raised a grandson who was a senator and that he shared his profit from living the American dream and took care of her in her old age–He told America her Independence came from her dependence on government programs which acted as her floor or foundation. He said it was Medicare and a government issued social security checks that allowed her to live alone in Hawaii until her death three days before he was elected president.  He spoke clearly and his eyes were on the camera the one and only time he let loose and spouted his Socialist ideals.

Now, my idea of the “Basic guarantee or floor I can’t go under” in reference to my government in America is this. The floor or foundation is my basic rights, my Constitution the Bill of Rights as well as the Civil Rights act. He didn’t say “My grandmother, with only a high school education busted through the glass ceiling in the corporate world as a woman and was given this opportunity only  in America because of the FLOOR or FOUNDATION beneath all women and minorities is the Civil Rights Act.”

He didn’t say “My grandmother is a great example of a lady who lived the American dream and was independent in her golden years by choice because she WORKED hard all her life and put up for her retirement.” He failed to tell us the truth which is, the floor we can’t fall under is the assurance that the foundation of the American dream allows us all the equal opportunity to strive in our youth for what brings us security as we age.

He didn’t say “My grandmother chose to live alone and was able to do so because in America you have that basic right as a human being and no panel of doctors should say when your time is up or what your quality of life score is and relocate you to a government-owned nursing home” He said it was because of her dependence on the government issued check, and the assurance that it was her floor she couldn’t fall under that allowed her to be independent and prosper later in life. HE said she COUNTED on it, and included MILLIONS of other Americans as counting on the government money to be there as well.

Barack Obama told America during a debate while seeking another FOUR year term as our President that it was the hard working Americans dependence on the government and the government programs that gave us our independence (or freedom) in life?

He is talking about a system where the government takes HUGE amounts of money from paychecks of the hardworking people and then spends it, waste it, mismanaged it and then promises to give back only a small percentage of it to help you pay your bills when you’re old. The government gives us no choice about paying into it, and no say over how they waste it.

He said the life of his grandmother is what gave him his “perspective regarding Entitlements” and “that the name itself implies DEPENDENCY” He went on to actually say that people who work hard are DEPENDING on the government programs. That is the perspective of a SOCIALIST leader America…Wake up. The truth is that it’s the HARD working people who are PAYING into these government programs…WE ARE NOT the ones counting on it to survive. The FACT is the government depends on the millions of hard-working Americans to earn the money that the government then takes away from us in the name of  Social Security and Medicare TAX. We don’t need the government to give us a check forty years later with a percentage of our money back–let us keep our money. The government needs the hard-working people to work in order to support the PORK overhead of our federal government and the people who refuse to work or save for retirement.

Now, consider this.  If Barrack Obama views his own GRANDMOTHER who raised him this way, and sees her life’s work in the light of government dependence the way he described it for us during the debate–then how in the hell do you really think he views YOU or what you have spent your life working toward?

 Democrats gone wild=Marxist Socialism on crack.







2 responses to “Democrats Gone Wild!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hear helicopters, but agree 100%

  2. Very awesome blog !! I couldnt have wrote this any better than you if I tried super hard hehe!! I like your style too!! it’s very unique & refreshing…

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